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Valentino is an Italian clothing company founded in 1959 by Valentino Garavani in Florence. Before launching his own label, Valentino worked with Guy Laroche. Even if the brand was alive since 1959, the international debut happened in 1962, in Florence. 
Right from the beginning it was remarked by his dress, the famous red dress inspired by the bright colors of the Spanish people, a special fabric shade named "Valentino red" known as one of his signature. His desire to emphasize the woman silhouette and his elegant way to accessorize dresses, made him the world's most elegant eveningwear and classic designers. He is famous for his dresses, but he also created a variety of products, from shoes to blazers, skirts or sweatshirt hoods, perfumes, jeans, bags and even accessories. 
Valentino is definitely a brand of luxury and elegance, the perfect combination of French design and high quality Italian manufacturing, appreciated worldwide by all international stars and fashion critics.
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