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Stella Nina McCartney is an English fashion designer, the daughter of former Beatles member Sir Paul McCartney and American photographer Linda McCartney. From a very young age Stella was fascinated by fashion, so starting to create her own clothes from age of thirteen. A lifelong vegetarian and supporter of PETA, she doesn’t use any leather or fur in her designs.

In 2001 she founded her eponymous fashion house, Stella McCartney, in collaboration with the big Gucci Group, showing her first collection in the same year in Paris. This collection, including the famous t-shirt "Bristols", emblazoned across the breast, was a great success. She started to grow since 2004 when she created clothes for many celebrities, including Madonna, Annie Lennox and Gwyneth Paltrow. In the same year she started a line of footwear with Adidas and a year later, in 2005, wishing to create more affordable pieces she cooperates with H&M designing cloths and accessories. In 2008, she launched a lingerie line. By her sharp tailoring and her feminine style Stella McCartney succeeded to create the famous Falabella bag, her vaporous and lace dresses, slim fitting trousers and jeans, the gladiator sandals, sportswear, blouses with wild ­flowers, all of her designs being modern, cool and relevant.