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Salvatore Ferragamo is a famous Italian shoe designer who founded his eponymous label in 1927. He started with a shop for repair and made-to-measure shoes and later he designed footwear for cinema stars. That’s how he became famous and succeeded to win the trust of customers worldwide. His desire was to create more than beautiful shoes, but comfortable, easy to wear pieces. He is well-known for his wedge heels, metal spikes and soles, architectural pumps and sandals and for his 18-carat gold sandals. After Salvatore's death in 1960, his wife, Wanda Ferragamo took over the business and continued the expansion, diversifying the range of products with leather goods, ready-to-wear collections, eyewear, perfume, belts etc. Later, in 2011, Ferragamo released even a collection for the younger generation. Salvatore Ferragamo has succeeded through his innovative creations of shoes, combining in a very original way materials and colors and by his constant focus on the easy-to-wear side, to become one of the most famous designers in the world.
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