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La Maison Manoush is a French fashion brand, founded by Frederique Trou-Roy.  After working for the French fast-fashion brand Morgan, Frederique begins the journey of her life as she will call it later, in Marrakesh.
In 2004 Frederique Trou-Roy returns from his trip in 2004 starts a partnership with Priscilla Pariente and launched Manoush. Breaking all the rules in fashion, Frederique managed to transform Manoush into famous brand by its feminine, girly and colorful style.
The trip in Marrakech inspired her to create a variety of clothes, from pants to dresses, skirts and blouses, even bags and shoes.  She even created a collection of accessories while in Marrakech. Her colorful prints, sequins details plus the beautiful broidery work, makes every piece from Manoush unique and irresistible.
So, Manoush is the perfect brand if you like colors, bohemian style, unique handcraft, girly and shiny. Beside the fact that you will find at Manoush every piece you need, will also enjoy the affordable prices.
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