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Maison Martin Margiela is a French fashion house founded in 1988 by Martin Margiela, the seventh member of the Antwerp Six group of designers. She graduated from Antwerp's Royal Academy in 1980 and for three years worked as Mr Jean Paul Gaultier's assistant. 
She debuted with a womenswear collection and after 10 years, in 1998, Maison Martin Margiela launched a menswear collection. Her work as a designer did not stop at clothing, she launched even a jewelry line, footwear collection, eye wear and fragrance. In 2012, Maison Martin Margiela created a well-known line of clothing for H&M. Known for using unconventional materials and cutting-edge seams, Margiela has managed to turn fashion into a culture, creating patch-worked tops from vintage leather gloves, boots and cleft-toe jewelry made in beautiful colors. In 2006 she created the trousers suits with waisted belt used to draw the silhouette. On the same style Maison Martin Margiela created her dresses, jackets and even jerseys. 
With her ‘Tabi’ boot, the iconic objects of the brand, Maison Martin Margiela managed to become and remain even after 20 years one of the most famous luxury brand in the world.