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Jil Sander is a fashion house founded by Heidemarie Jiline Sander, a minimalist German fashion designer. Even if the launching of the brand was in 1968, the company went public only in 1989. The first women’s ready-to-wear line was released in 1973 on the Milan runway followed by the first menswear line, in 1997. Adopting simple and clean lines, with neutral colors and based on comfort ant simplicity, Jil Sander managed to increase a big luxury brand, creating a wide range of products, from shoes to clothes with all accessories for a complete collection. Suits and coats, cashmere knits, dresses in soft colors, shoes in geometrical designs, no-embellishments designs are just a few of Jil Sander’s. Even if Jil Sander, as a luxury brand, had a sinusoidal evolution, it managed to break through every time and today is one of the most popular and sold brands in the world.
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