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Addressee: Londra Street, no. 37, zip code 011762, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania
I, the undersigned, _______________________, hereby affirm and declare that I assign FABRICA DE STIL S.R.L., with its headquarters in Bucharest, 40-42 Washington Street, Washington Residence Residential Complex, House A, 2nd Floor, Apartment 6, Sector 1, to trade the mentioned product on my behalf, following the agreed terms and conditions.
Furthermore, I hereby declare on my own liability and I confirm that the traded product is authentic and it is my legal property, therefore I own the right to trade it.
For by, I fully declare that, under no circumstance, do I violate a certain right of a third party, by merchandising this product on www.trendyfair.com.
In addition, FABRICA DE STIL S.R.L. will not be held responsible for infringement on my account.
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