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Hermes, this brand with a tradition of over 170 years and an impressive evolution was born in Paris, in 1837. In its early beginnings, they only sold harnesses and saddles. This brand survived for five generations, starting with Thierry Hermès and it kept its position even nowadays.

In 1922, Hermes introduced the first handbag and in 1929 they released the first women’s fashion collection in Paris.

The fabulous and famous “Kelly Bag” was popularized by Grace Kelly in 1956 even though it was manufactured since 1930. Hermes is famous for its scarfs as well, with a factory dating since 1937.  The brand continued to evolve, creating ties, silk ties, and perfumes in 1949.

After 1990 the brand expanded, further reaching to create and sell perfumes, jewelry, menswear, footwear, clothing, leathers, luxury goods, ready-to-wear, scarves, ties, and everything else you can think of. 

Hermes bags remain the most wanted and hard to get items. Besides the iconic Kelly Bag, there’s also the Birkin, named in honor of Jane Birkin, the singer who made it popular and the Constance shoulder bag.

Hermes has exceeded the barrier of time and goes beyond the limits of creation. The brand preserved the tradition, maintaining the same logo, packaging and the same quality, providing reliable products and giving customers who can afford unforgettable experiences.

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