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Erdem is a luxury fashion house founded in 2005 by Erdem Moralioğlu, a Canadian-born British-Turkish fashion designer. Erdem, previously working with Diane von Furstenberg, decided to launch his own brand, pushed by his desire for good looking clothes. Never been interested or influenced by the trends moving forward, but guided by his creative intuition. After his big success from the London Fashion Week's Fashion Fringe, he expanded really fast being appreciated for his rigorous cuts, experimental textiles used, complex prints, his perfect craftsmanship and strong colors. So, besides the full collection of clothes (like skirts, romantic dresses, feminine blouses, etc.) he designed also accessories, sunglasses, purse clutches and even belts. Maintaining a high level of quality through the materials and fine workmanship used, Erdem product prices is high but explained by the luxurious nature of the brand, being famous worldwide also for his feminine and romantic pieces.
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