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Anine Bing is a Danish fashion brand founded by Anine Irmelin Bing in the summer of 2012. The brand has expanded rapidly and Anine succeeded with her clothes easy to wear made of fine materials with a perfect cut suitable both day and night. 
Comfort addicted, she created wearable clothes for the modern woman, and also chic in her personal bohemian style. She also managed to create clothes that will last for many, many years. Inspired by music, bloggers, and vintage shops and from life at large, she created from leather jackets to studded boots, skinny jeans, T-shirts, dresses, denim shorts, etc. So, this brand has a lot to offer, fully collection of clothing and shoes but also accessories and jewelry. 
A true artist, Anine flirted with modeling and music but, her creative talent of fashion has propelled her topmost, and her brand, Anine Bing is today appreciated and recognized worldwide.