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Acne Studios is a luxury fashion house founded by Tomas Skoging and Jonny Johansson 1996. The brand name it is an acronym representing in fact the brand principle Ambition to Create Novel Expressions.
Starting with a straight jeans accessorized with red stitching, the designers of Acne succeeded to stand out and began the expansion of a strong and successfully fashion house, producing wares that are high quality and long life. Acne Studios expanded and created a fully men’s and women’s ready-to-wear fashion, footwear, accessories and denim goods. One of the most famous items, beside jeans, is the pistol boots with cowboy chunky heels and motorcycle and riding boot details. Even if the clothes had a traditional cut they had details or accessories that would make them chic and modern. 
When it comes to casual clothes in an ultra-modern design it’s about Acne Studios. This brand with a strong history provides a variety of products ranging from footwear, dresses, pants and skirts to the famous jeans.
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